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Once in a while you need to lose yourself in nature to find peace. It’s not always possible to take a week off to go to the mountains in north or explore the backwaters in south or take a trip to Maldives for the joy of water bungalows.


I’ve never come across someone who does not like to Travel. I mean why wouldn’t someone enjoy watching ancient monuments or relaxing in a comfortable room, experiencing the wild side of adventure or for that matter just getting lazy in a pool?


A luxurious resort, located in the midst of greenery, just a few hours drives from Mumbai and Pune.


Surrounded by nature and greenery, THE FOREST CLUB RESORT is a 2 hour drive from Mumbai, and is ideal for those looking for a luxurious, yet quick getaway from the city.

Nishta Saraf

The first thing that attracted me immediately on entering the resort was the greenery. It was lush green all around. If you are a nature lover, monsoon is the best time to visit this place. Fortunately, I visited right at the peak monsoon and it was throughout drizzling during my entire entire stay.

Brinda Shah

I enjoyed a little staycation at The Forest Club Resort A resort right in the heart of Karjat but secluded and oh so quaint and peaceful! When you are on the property, you could be anywhere. It’s so serene and leaves you feeling “off the grid.”

Sandhya Naidu

Looking for a perfect getaway with family/friends ?? 
If yes then your search ends here …..

The Forest Club Resort is built with a unique ethnic design that blends beautifully with the scenic surrounding of Karjat. 

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